10 Laws of a Wooist

A Wooist is always wooing because that is who he is not what he does

A Wooist values his own uniqueness

A Wooist loves and respects people, especially women

A Wooist lives for adventure

A Wooist always says yes but he can also say no

A Wooist follows the path that will lead him to the best memories

A Wooist speaks and acts on his truth

A Wooist has over the top listening ability

A Wooist stands against mediocrity

A Wooist lives his life to the fullest

Patrick Wu Bio:

Patrick Wu is the dating philosopher for Wooist and the author of the book The Art Of Wooing.

Having failed in the dating world more than anyone he knows with women, Patrick embarked on a 10 year quest in search of answers in regards to how men and women relate to each other. Through his journey, he discovered some ways in which he was able to connect with women on a much more natural and effortless way. He now shares these experiences with other men who are on the same quest seeking these answers.

Patrick hosts a popular show called The Wooist Podcast that is in the top 40 dating podcasts of Itunes and you can also read about his blog on www.wooist.com.

The Unofficial Bio

I am no different than any man out there. I like women, I feel insecure sometimes, and I desire to live an enjoyable life. The difference between me and many other men is the fact that I have spent more time in fascination with learning about how the mind works and the dance between men and women