My Products:

The Art Of Wooing Academy:

Calling All Super Charmers.

The Art Of Wooing Academy is an interactive online program where you will be spending 30 days closely with Patrick Wu and his enrolled students. You will be guided through the journey of wooing women from the perspective of your ultimate attractive self. As a result, you will draw women into your world. Through the understanding of how your mind works along with developing your social intuition, your inner and outer world will flourish. You will then be able to create more playful interactions, quality dates, and memories that you can take with you for rest of your life. This means that you will experience an increased sense of joy and satisfaction on a day to day basis. Come join us for an adventure of a life-time and immerse yourself in the land of women for the next 30 days.


The Art Of Approaching Course:

Do you know what the #1 question is that I get from guys? It’s, “how do I approach that woman over there”? Well I am here to help. I broke down the steps in the The Art Of Approaching Program, a 4 part audio course, in an easy and digestible way to help you find the courage to approach women in any situation. I reveal the same effective mindsets and techniques that my students and I use to overcome the fears of approach anxiety. By gaining clarity and a new found confidence in yourself through these audios, you will then be able engage in sexy, playful, and non-intrusive conversations with this person you find intriguing. Beautiful women are everywhere, and they are longing for you to initiate the conversation. Why keep them waiting? Start listening to these audios now!


The Art Of Wooing Book:


The Art Of Wooing Book is journey of Patrick Wu and what he discovered in the land of women. It documents his philosophies in meeting and attracting women. By reading this book, you will not learn the new rules to dating or self-confidence but you will find your own way of becoming attractive and becoming a dynamic guy. By reading this book, you will understand what women really mean by the phrases of “just be yourself” and “just be confident”.

The Ultimate Human:


The Ultimate Human is 1 on 1 coaching service that will give you full access of me for the days, weeks or months we work together. We will break apart all the road blocks that are stopping you from achieving what you want in your interactions and relationships. These coaching sessions with you will not be about fixing you since I don’t believe that you are broken. They will however be about bringing out the best in you. As a result, you will feel as though you are “The Ultimate Human” because you may very well be that.