Pat has this great ability to communicate his ideas in way that allows you to intuitively integrate his lessons at a pace and manner that works best for you. You won’t get a lot of “techniques”
or scripted lines to say, but instead a set of philosophies that will ultimately change the way you perceive yourself in dating and relationships. The beauty of Pat’s teachings is that he helps you to bring out your natural tendencies in social and dating interactions and allows you to keep one of the most important tools you have when it comes to attracting others into your life, and that is you own individual personality.

– Matt S.

Matt S.

Systems Analyst

You deserve the best in this field. You really helped me ignite who I am!

Jihyun J.


I took the Wooist Intensive last weekend. It was everything I was expecting, and then some. I’ve participated in many transformational programs over the years, as well as read tons of “self help” books and even so I still got something new out of this experience.
The weekend took me out of my comfort zone, which is what I expected. True growth occurs in confronting one’s fears. This program brought up the fears that have stop me from getting what I desire. Everything after this will be easier to handle, having gone through what I went through.

Before the Wooist Intensive I was aware of my “bad programming”. I was like the driver of a car that required an adjustment: I could hear the symptoms yet in the program I was able to pull over and make the adjustment.
Patrick is an unbelievably generous, compassionate and unstoppable coach. He will definitely push you to bring out your best self.

The best part of the weekend was connecting with some of his friends. They were amazing people. I highly recommend doing the weekend intensive to anyone who is striving for growth and new experiences.

-Gerardo F 45 Male, CA

Gerardo F


It was really neat working with Patrick. You can tell he is an extremely passionate individual and it shows though his work. At the LA event that I attended, I watched a few men find their inner strength and confidence! At first most men had shaky voices and a hard time looking me in the eyes. As Patrick worked with the men and gave them amazing tips with his coaching, he helped them navigate through tough social situations and as a result they became more confident. By the end of the day we were all laughing and having a really great time.

Mayra C


For nearly two months, Patrick gave me customized, one-on-one coaching and led numerous in-field, progressive social exercises that helped me get out of my comfort zone, develop greater self-confidence, and improve my social skills. Patrick walked the walk and talked the talk. During our coaching sessions, he was right there beside me, motivating me and fearlessly modeling the kinds of social exercises and behaviors that he wanted me to perform. Thanks to Patrick’s coaching, exercises, and advice, I was better able to make a great first impression and to develop stronger, more lasting interpersonal connections. For example, before I started the coaching, I was unemployed, dateless, and alone. Immediately after the coaching, I experienced greater success and connection in my job interviews, dates, and social activities. I am proud to say that I now have a fulfilling job, a loving and devoted girlfriend, and more friends than ever before. Patrick’s coaching paid off big-time, and I am forever grateful. -KJ, male, age 39, San Francisco


Business Analyst

Pat Wu is one of my favorite human beings on earth! He is truly a one-of-a-kind guy, who outrageously dances to his own drum. I have never met someone so genuinely bold, yet sensitive; so expressive, yet introspective. Pat enjoys the “spot-light,” but with the intention of creating the best possible energy around everyone, for everyone. He goes out, has a good time, and becomes the life of the party just because of the simple, yet oh so challenging, fact that he embraces his true self. Pat dances his heart out up on a night club stage not for popularity or attention, but because he simply wants to enjoy the night with the enjoyable surrounding people. He loves people whole-heartedly and in turn, people love him.

Pat coaches individuals on discovering truly who they are and fully embracing it. He pulls out the best in people by encouraging us to be ourselves. Helping us discover that we all have the ability to understand ourselves on a deeper level, Pat pulls out the unique qualities within each of us. He practices what he preaches. Pat embodies his beliefs. His actions match his words and he lives his mission. Hanging out with Pat is a wild ride! Hold on!

Michelle K.

Pilates Instructor

I highly recommend Patrick if you want to be more charming and charismatic in the realm of dating and relationships. Patrick helped me feel more comfortable and confident in all aspects of life, not just dating!

Benjamin L.

Clinical Informatics Specialist